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Historical archive of photos and videos


November 2018: Tammey Yokum Pyle's best friend - Khloe. She keeps her company and in good spirits when has an infusion

November 4, 2018: Liz Blows doing her bit for Remembrance Day, selling poppies at Morrisons supermarket in Beverley

October 24, 2018: One in a Milllion: Second in a special series of videos compiled by Anne Stone Sweet released to mark SPS Rare Disease Day, featuring SPS sufferers.

September 2018: Liz Blows on holiday in Florence

October 2018: Liz Blows terrorising the natives in Barcelona

June 2018: Liz Blows: Video presentation at Findacure mentoring workshop held in London.

April 5, 2018: New Centre for SPS: Dr Scott Newsome and his colleagues this year launched a center for this condition within Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, USA — which sees more patients with this disease than any other medical institution in the world — to both treat patients and to study them with the goal of developing better treatments in the future. Click the banner to go to the website.

2017: Video: Alistair Kent OBE, head of Rare Disease UK, at the Cambridge Rare Disease summit praising the work of Liz Blows


2012: Video: Liz Blows's message from Rome to SPS sufferers around the world

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