According to NORD, the National Organisation for Rare Disorders, there are five types of Stiff Person Syndrome:

1) Classic SPS

2) Focal SPS

3) Jerking SPS

4) Progressive Encephalomyelitis with Rigidity and Myoclonus (PERM)

5) Paraneoplastic-Related SPS

Click on the links below to take you to various SPS pages from the internet. They are strictly for information only and do not represent advice or recommendations by the UK and Ireland SPS Support Group and Charity. If you have more links you believe would be of interest to the community, please submit for consideration to:

Neurotransmitters and GABA

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NICE is the UK's National Health Service (NHS) National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. This link takes you direct to NICE's website


This US government site brings together SPS and SPS-related links across the internet. The usagov link (LEFT) goes directly to the site section about SPS and is pre-loaded with a search for anything Stiff Person Syndrome. In the first 30 pages, there are 600 randomly arranged links, not all of which are SPS related/connected. Many, but not all, links are the same listed here on our website. However, refined searches can be carried out to reveal specific information/results.

Analysis of GAD65 autoantibodies in SPS (2014)

GAD antibody and gluten sensitivity (2010)

CNS destruction mediated by GAD specific CD4+ T-Cells1 (2011)

Glycine receptor antibodies in SPS and other GAD-positive CNS disorders (2013)

Autoimmune SPS: understanding of electrophysiological and immunological processes (2011)

SPS: an autoimmune disorder affecting neurotrasmission of gamma-aminbutyric acid (1999)

Levels of Anti-GAD65 and Anti Ro52 autoantibodies in a patient with depressive disorder (2011)

Implications of glutamate decarboxylase antibodies in SPS and cerebellar ataxia (2011)

Lack of anti-idiotypic antibodies defines type-1 diabetes (2008)

GAD65Ab autoantibody sheds light on epilepsy's etiologies (2018)

Critical update on the immunopathogenesis of SPS (2011)

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