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Click on the links below to take you to various SPS-related videos. Please be aware that some of these videos show sufferers having full spasms which may prove distressing to the viewer. If you would like us to host, or link to, your SPS-related videos, please contact us at admin@smssupportgroup.co.uk

First up is a series of five videos on Stiff Person Syndrome in 2016 by Dr. Scott Newsome, Department of Neurology, at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre in the USA, followed by Dr Stacey Clardy on Veterans with SPS (2016), a general overview of SPS (2018), how to find  specialist advice (2015), plus an SPS awareness speech (2019), SPS in Hindi (2019) and general description (2019)

Explaining SPS

Pediatric v Adult SPS

Management of SPS

Dr Stacey Clardy: Veterans with SPS

SPS: Differential Diagnosis

All About SPS (2018)

SPS: Stress and Cancer

Finding a Specialist (2015)

SPS Awareness Speech (2019)

SPS in Hindi (2019)

SPS Description (2019)

Miscellaneous Patient Videos

Christiany Rebelo (Bra) 2020

1 Tonya Coleman (USA) (2020)

5 Tonya Coleman (USA) (2020)

Ingrid Steppan (Can) (2020)

2 Tonya Coleman (USA) (2020)

6 Tonya Coleman (USA) (2020)

Brad Hauer (USA) (2019)

Unknown (Norway) (2020)

3 Tonya Coleman (USA) (2020)

4 Tonya Coleman (USA) (2020)

1 Sarah Schlomer (2020)

2 Sarah Schlomer (2020)

Unknown (2019)

Jacqui Kapinowski (USA) (2016)

Liz Blows (1998)

dawn larrison.jpg

Dawn Larrison (USA) (2019)

SPS PERM (2012)

Misty Tomkins, 1 of 3 (2020)

Ester Bongiorno (Ita) (2019)

Golnaz Aboutoarabian (2014)

Misty Tomkins, 2 of 3 (2020)

Madison Bowe 1 (USA) (2019)

Dan Williams (2014)

Misty Tomkins, 3 of 3 (2020)

Italia Video (2012)

Scott Judkins (2010)

Madison Bowe (USA) (2019)

David Napier (Aus) (2010)

Mark Routhier (USA) (2018)

Sherrie Jo Ward (USA) (2017)

David Napier (Aus) (2014)

Naomi Binckley (USA) (2018)

David Napier (Aus) (2016)

Alma Villarreal (USA) (2016)

Unknown (2017)

David Napier (Aus) (2017)

Alma Villarreal (USA) (2014)

Liz Blows (UK) (2017)

Sam Baar (USA) (2012)

Chris Geilman (USA) (2014)

Liz and Ang (UK) (2012)

Sam Baar (USA) (2012)

Debra Richardson (USA) (2014)

John McFall (UK) (2017)

Sam Baar (USA) (2012)

Kayla Pound (USA) (2013)

Ben Oakley (Aus) (2019)

Sam Baar (USA) (2014)

Laura Kassem (USA) (2013)

Lindsay Clarke (2014)

Angela Badgley (USA)

Wendy Dalton (USA) (2009)

William Duelmer (2007)

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