SPS Map of the World


Click the icon below (top left of the Map) for a list of people on the Map. Click the down arrow on the left for the full list. Click any name to be taken to that person's location. Not recommended, see right hand column

Use the Map as you see it below to scroll around the world, zooming in and out of locations as you would with any Google maps. Not recommended - see right >

RECOMMENDED. For best viewing, click the icon below that looks like the four corners of a picture frame. This will take you to an expanded World Map with names down the left. Click the down arrow for a full list. Different coloured pins have been used for each continent, with all names added alphabetically (and by state in the USA). Click any name to be taken to that person's location, or simply scroll/zoom the large map. Where a photo - or photos - have been included, click the image to go full screen. You can also search for people by name, by state (in the USA), by country, or by continent by clicking on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass in the banner at the top of the left hand column and entering your search query. Please note: functionality (eg lists, clickability, searches, etc) are NOT consistent on all platforms. Generally, the Map appears to work best on PCs running Windows.

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